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Lesson 12

Performing Incomplete Recovery Conclusion

This module discussed some basic concepts about performing incomplete recovery to an ARCHIVELOG database. You learned about different situations in which incomplete recovery must be applied, different types of incomplete recovery, and how to handle recovery in different situations.
Having completed this module, you should be able to
  1. Identify an incomplete recovery situation
  2. List incomplete database recovery steps
  3. Monitor recovery progress information using the alert log
  4. Perform a time-based recovery
  5. Perform a cancel-based recovery
  6. Use a backup control file to recover
  7. Recover without the current redo log
  8. Handle recovery through RESETLOGS
  9. Perform tablespace point-in-time recovery


This module introduced you to the following terms:
  1. Incomplete recovery: Incomplete recovery reconstructs the database as it was at a specified time before the media failure.
  2. Mirror online redo logs: Make frequent backups and duplex the archived log files.
  3. Time-based recovery: To perform a time-based recovery, you must specify a point-in-time in the process. The recovery is complete when that specified point-in-time is reached.
  4. Cancel-based recovery: A cancel-based recovery is performed by entering CANCEL (instead of a log file name or AUTO) at the recovery prompt.
  5. Change-based recovery: To perform a change-based recovery, you terminate the recovery at a specified system change number (SCN). This approach is often applied when you recover a database in a distributed environment.
  6. Alert log file: The alert log file is a special trace file for a database. It chronologically records messages and errors about database operations, such as internal errors, block corruption errors, and information about administration operations, including database recovery.
  7. Tablespace point-in-time recovery (TSPITR): Tablespace point-in-time recovery (frequently abbreviated as TSPITR) refers to a recovery of all datafiles in a tablespace to a specific time.
The next module shows you how to maintain redo log files and introduces recovery situations that occur only infrequently.

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