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Lesson 8

Archive Log Database Conclusion

This module discussed how to recover datafiles for an ARCHIVELOG database in some special situations. Although these problems do not occur frequently during routine database operation, they still deserve your attention. You must be able to recognize the problems when they occur and provide workable solutions.
Having completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Recover a datafile with no backup
  2. Recover a file in backup mode
  3. Clear a corrupted online redo log file
  4. Perform a recovery with inactive online redo logs
  5. Recreate online redo log files
  6. Obtain recovery status information

Physical Backups Glossary Terms

This module introduced you to the following term:
  1. PGA: The Program/Process Global Area (PGA) is a memory region that contains data and controls information for a single server process or a single background process. The information contained in the PGA could be sort data, session information, cursor state, or stack space. The PGA is allocated when a process is created and de-allocated when the process is terminated.

Infrequent Recovery Situations Redo Log Maintenance - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to review your understanding of infrequent recovery situations and redo log maintenance.
Infrequent Recovery Situations Redo Log Maintenance - Quiz

Performing Inactive Redo Log Recovery

Click the Exercise link below to practice performing an inactive redo log recovery.
Performing Inactive Redo Log Recovery