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Database creation methods

Depending on the specific release of the Oracle database that you are using, and the operating system under which it is running, there are at least two other ways to create a new database. The Oracle8i installation for Windows NT includes an Oracle Database Assistant. This provides an easy-to-use, wizard-like interface. You answer a few questions, and it creates your database for you. It takes care of all the details that you went through manually in this module.
Some releases of Oracle for UNIX allow you to use the Oracle Installer to create a new database. The interface isn't as clean and intuitive as for the Oracle Database Assistant (in my opinion), but again it is just a matter of filling in the correct information and letting the installer do the work.
By now, you may think it was a waste of time for me to take you through this morass of writing the CREATE DATABASE command, executing CATALOG and CATPROC, manually creating the tablespaces, manually creating rollback segments, and so forth. Why did I do that? Because underneath their nice interface, what the Oracle Database Assistant and the installer do is exactly what I have shown you. It's important to understand the manual method of database creation because the automated tools may not always be available, they may not always work, and if you are creating a large, complex production database, you will end up doing much of the work manually anyway.