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Lesson 3 Creating a new Oracle service on Windows
Objective Create a new Windows service for the COIN database

Creating new Oracle Service

Oradim utility

On a Windows NT system, the Oracle background processes (DBW0, LGWR, etc) all run as one Windows NT service. Before you can start a new instance and execute the CREATE DATABASE statement that you just wrote, you must first create a new service for that instance. Oracle8 database provides a utility named ORADIM for this purpose. ORADIM is not Windows based, so you need to run it from the Windows command prompt. Move your mouse over the following diagram to learn about the syntax to use when you create a new instance:
  1. ORADIM: Is the command, and is different for different releases of Oracle. In Oracle8i (8.1.5), the command is simply ORADIM. In Oracle 8.0.x, the command is ORADIM80.
  2. Tells ORADIM that you are creating a new instance, as opposed to removing or modifying an existing one.
  3. SID sid: Specifies the SID name for the new instance.
  4. SRVC: Specifies the service name for the new instance. You must use either -SID or -SRVC, but not both. In this course we will use -SID
  5. INTPWD: Specifies the internal password for the new instance. This is optional, and you don't need to do this now.
  6. MAXUSERS integer: Reserves space for the specified number of database users.
  7. STARTMODE auto manual: Controls whether or not the service starts automatically (a) when Windows NT boots. A value of “auto” results in an automatic startup, while a value of “manual” requires you to manually start the service.
  8. PFILE filespec: Points to your database parameter file (the initialization file).
  9. TIMEOUT: This is in seconds, and controls the amount of time that is allowed to pass before ORADIM gives up on trying to create the service.
Create Oracle Instance

Services control panel

In this lesson's exercise, you will create the instance for your new database. After completing the exercise, you will open up the Services control panel to look at your new service. In case you arenot familiar with the Services control panel, the following simulation shows you how to open it, and how to find the services related to Oracle8.
find Oracle Services

Create Oracle Service - Exercise

Now, go on to the exercise to create a service for your database, and open the services control panel on your own.
Create Oracle Service - Exercise