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Lesson 1

Oracle Database Creation

Creating Oracle database

During the course of this module, those of you who are running the Oracle12c database software will create the COIN database that we have been planning. Those who are not running Oracle11g will be able to follow along through the steps, in order to learn the process. Two key steps of the actual creation process are writing and executing the CREATE DATABASE command. After you have created the database, there are several housekeeping tasks that you must take care of before the database is ready for use. These include:

  1. Creating the data dictionary views
  2. Creating the built-in PL/SQL packages
  3. Creating the product user profile
  4. Creating initial tablespaces
  5. Creating rollback segments

When you are done with this module, you will have a completely empty database ready for you to use. If you are not running Oracle, you should still go through this module in order to learn about the process of creating a database. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to participate.