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Lesson 1

Oracle Shared Server Database Architecture

SQL*Plus is a command-line tool that provides access to the Oracle RDBMS. SQL*Plus enables you to:
  1. Enter SQL*Plus commands to configure the SQL*Plus environment.
  2. Startup and shutdown an Oracle database.
  3. Connect to an Oracle database.

Oracle's Shared Server Database Architecture

This module teaches you about Oracle's Shared Server Database Architecture, which was the successor to Oracle Server Manager, a utility that was formally used to manage Oracle databases. When you are finished with this module, you will understand how SQL*Plus allows you to interact with Oracle tables.
  1. Start SQL*Plus and connect to a database
  2. Get help for Shared Server commands
  3. List the columns in a table or a view
  4. Use SQL *Plus to select data from a database
  5. Write output to a file

Managing Databases in the cloud with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 19c

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EMCC) hasn't had a new major release since 13c, which came out in 2013. There haven't been any official updates or feature additions to EMCC since then. Instead, Oracle has shifted its focus to "Oracle Management Cloud (OMC)"", a cloud-based solution for managing Oracle environments. OMC offers various features that were previously available in EMCC, along with new functionalities and capabilities. Therefore, it's important to understand that "EMCC is no longer actively developed or supported", and its features have not been updated since 2013. If you're looking for a modern solution for managing your Oracle environments, you should consider migrating to OMC.

Oracle Enterprise Manager
Figure 2 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

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