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Syntax for creating rollback segments

Rollback segments
Rollback segments
  1. [PUBLIC]: An optional clause that only has meaning when you are running Parallel Server
  2. segment_name: The name of the rollback segment
  3. tablespace_name: The name of the tablespace where you want to store the rollback segment
  4. INITIAL integer: Specifies the size of initial extent to be allocated for the rollback segment
  5. NEXT integer: Specifies the size of any subsequent extents that are allocated to the rollback segment
  6. MINEXTENTS: Specifies the number of extents to initially allocate when the rollback segment is created. This must be at least two. Rollback segments must always have at least two extents.
  7. MAXEXTENTS: Specifies an upper limit on the number of extents that a rollback segment may have
  8. OPTIMAL: Tells Oracle8 the number of extents that you would prefer the rollback segment to have