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Using Export to create incremental backups

Full export screenshots

Full Export Mode

A full export is specified using the FULL parameter. In a full database export, the entire database is unloaded. This mode requires that you have the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role.

Metadata Filters

Metadata filtering is implemented through the EXCLUDE and INCLUDE parameters.
The EXCLUDE and INCLUDE parameters are mutually exclusive. Metadata filters identify a set of objects to be included or excluded from an Export or Import operation. For example, you could request a full export, but without Package Specifications or Package Bodies. To use filters correctly and to get the results you expect, remember that dependent objects of an identified object are processed along with the identified object. For example, if a filter specifies that an index is to be included in an operation, then statistics from that index will also be included. Likewise, if a table is excluded by a filter, then indexes, constraints, grants, and triggers upon the table will also be excluded by the filter. If multiple filters are specified for an object type, an implicit AND operation is applied to them. That is, objects pertaining to the job must pass all of the filters applied to their object types.
The same metadata filter name can be specified multiple times within a job. To see which objects can be filtered, you can query the following views:
  1. DATABASE_EXPORT_OBJECTS for Full-mode exports,
  2. SCHEMA_EXPORT_OBJECTS for schema-mode exports, and
  3. TABLE_EXPORT_OBJECTS for table-mode and tablespace-mode exports.
For example, you could perform the following query:
The output of this query looks similar to the following:
Object grants on the selected tables

Object grants on the selected tables

Grants on instance procedural objects

Schema procedural object grants in the selected schemas

Role grants to users associated with the selected schemas

System privileges granted to users associated with the selected schemas

This is the start of a full export with inctype=complete.

This is the section of the complete output where the scott.dept table is being exported and it contains 10 rows.

This is the start of a full export where inctype=cumulative. 2 rows are inserted into the scott.dept table before starting this export.

This is the section of the export where the tables are being exported. Only the scott.dept table is being exported and it contains 12 rows.

This is the section of a full export where inctype=incremental. Nothing has been added to the database, so no rows have been exported.

This is the output from a select on sys.Incexp

This is a select from sys.incfil and sys.incvid tables. Note the entries for one complete (X), two cumulative (C) and one incremental (I) export.