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Lesson 10

Recovery Catalog

Oracle Recovery Manager Conclusion

With Oracle, Oracle introduces a new utility called Recovery Manager. This module presented an introduction to Recovery Manager, Backup Manager, and the recovery catalog.
After working through this module, you should now be able to:
  1. Discuss the purpose and features of Oracle Recovery Manager
  2. Identify the basic components of RMAN
  3. Discuss the preparation involved in using RMAN
  4. Discuss the role of Backup Manager as a GUI tool for backup and recovery
  5. Discuss how backup sets are used within Recovery Manager
  6. Discuss the concept of image copies
  7. Discuss the role of the recovery catalog
  8. Demonstrate how to create a recovery catalog

New Oracle terms

The following terms were introduced in this module:
  1. checksum: A checksum is created by applying a formula to a set of information to generate a unique number. Errors can be captured when the checksum stored with the data does not equal the checksum calculated when extracting the data.
  2. Image copy: An image copy is a backup of your database. An image copy can only be written to disk. This is a physical copy so you can choose either a datafile, archived log file or control file. All blocks are copied whether they contain data or not.
During the next few modules, we will expand on the information presented in this module. This will lead us up to where we address the syntax needed to back up and recover your database.

Recovery Manager - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to review your understanding of the information presented in this module.
Recovery Manager - Quiz