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Offline snapshot instantiation

1) To begin the offline instantiation process, you must first call BEGIN_INSTANTIATION, pending the name and the destination.

2) You use the Oracle export utility to export the desired table.

3) After the export is complete, you call the RESUME_SUBSET_OF_MASTERS procedure to resume replication activities for the master sites

4) Now you transfer the export file from the master definition site to the new master site via FTP

5) Next, you are ready to prepare the new site to import data from your export file. To do this, you log into the remote site and call the BEGIN_LOAD procedure.

6) You now Import the data into the new site, using your export file as input.

7) After you have imported the export file, you call the END_LOAD procedure.
This will prepare the site to resume normal replication

8) The final step is to formally complete the offline instantiation process by calling the END_INSTANTIATION procedure. This will end the offline instantiation and resume normal replication activity at all master sites.