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Lesson 5Connectivity features of Net
Objective Oracle enhancements improve connectivity between databases.

Connectivity features of Oracle Net

Describe Oracle enhancements that improve connectivity between distributed databases.
As Oracle networking has evolved, we have seen a constant evolution in the new features provided in Net. In Oracle, we now see advanced features in areas of multiplexing, replication, and connection to non-Oracle databases.
The next lesson introduces the enhancements that improve manageability of network/database tasks.
An Oracle database is represented to clients as a service, which means that the database performs work on behalf of clients. A database can have one or more services associated with it. Figure 2 shows two databases, each with its own database service for intranet clients. One service,, enables salespersons to access the sales database. Another service,, enables financial analysts to access the finance database.
Load Balancer
Figure 2. - Two Servers: 1) sales1 --> dispatcher1, 2) sales2 --> dispatcher2, dispatcher3

Feature Description
Multiplexing-Multiplexing Multiplexing is a new feature that you can use for either a Multi-Threaded Server (MTS) or OPS. This feature saves operating system resources in environments with many database users.
Replication of large objects (LOBs) Prior to Oracle, LOB data could not be replicated. Now, you can replicate all but the BFILE type of LOB columns.
Connecting to non-Oracle databases You can configure Net to access non-Oracle databases by creating an Oracle Agent that can connect to the non-Oracle database service.