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Exchange Partition in Oracle

ALTER TABLE tablename
EXCHANGE partitionname WITH TABLE tablename 
Exchange Partition in Oracle with Syntax

Location 1 Name the partition that gets exchanged here. After the exchange, this partition will contain all the data that was in the table.
Location 2 Name the table that will be exchanged. After the exchage is done, this table will contain all the data that was in the partition.
Location 3 Include or exclude indexes that you have created on the partition and the table in the exchange using either INCLUDING INDEXES or EXCLUDING INDEXES. Default is EXCLUIDING INDEXES.
Location 4 You can specify either WITH VALIDATION (the default) or WITHOUT VALIDATION. Validation checks all the incoming rows against the partition range and accepts only the rows that fit.
Location 5 Rejected rows goes into the table listed here. Use when you validate (WITH VALIDATION) if you wish to save the rejected data.
Location 6 This example accomplishes the same thing as the previous example - the default parameters (EXCLUDING INDEXES and WITH VALIDATION) have been omitted.