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Lesson 6 Manageability features of Net
Objective Oracle enhancements and new features

Manageability features of Net

Describe the Oracle enhancements and features that improve manageability of a network or database.
In addition to improving the functionality of Net with Oracle, we also see some new features that help the DBA manage complex networks of distributed Oracle databases. They are especially useful to the Oracle DBA who has to manage a very large Net installation.

Transparent application failover

Transparent application failover (TAF)[1] initially worked only with OPS environments, but its functionality has been extended to work with all types of database connections. TAF detects a lost connection and reconnects the user's session to another database. Ideally, the user does not even notice that his or her connection was temporarily lost.

Other OEM manageability enhancements

The Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) front-end contains the other manageability enhancements: the Management Server and the shared repository. As you know, OEM is a graphical user interface that issues native Oracle commands on your behalf, and edits Oracle parameter files. Examine the MouseOver below to see explanations of the two new features within OEM.

  1. To better support a three-tier architecture, the Enterprise Manager now uses the OMS as a middle tier between the Enterprise Manager console (the first tier), and the distributed databases (the third tier).
  2. This new feature allows multiple administrators to share the same repository and lets you delegate tasks among database administrators as needed.
The next lesson introduces the new features that improve and simplify security.
Click the link below to read about the new Net connectivity products in Oracle.
OEM enhancements

[1]Transparent application failover (TAF): A feature in Net to seamlessly move a user’s session from one instance to another when the original instance fails.