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Lesson 3Queue propagation
ObjectiveWork with Queue Propagation.

Work with Queue Propagation

Prior to Oracle, you could queue messages for later retrieval and execution within a single database instance.
The Oracle queue functionality did not work across a database link to a distributed database. Now, with Oracle, you can use Advanced Queuing (AQ) message propagation to enqueue to a remote queue at a remote database. In addition, you can use the scheduling feature to specify the start time and the propagation window. This lesson focus i'ss on the preliminary steps necessary to enable users and a database to use Advanced Queuing.
Review the Slide Show below to see how this works.
Advanced Queuing (AQ): A utility to store transactions in a queue, distribute the queue to other databases, and then retrieve and run the queued transactions.

Preparing to Use Advanced Queuing
All the 8.1 privileges needed for working with queues must be granted by an AQ administrator using the DBMS_AQADM.GRANT_SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE package. SYS and SYSTEM are initially given the AQ ADMINISTRATOR role and can grant that role to other users. The AQ_USER_ROLE is only for 8.0 compatible queues. This role is ignored by 8.1 compatible queues. The next lesson discusses connection pooling.

Steps For Setting Up Advanced Queuing

Click the link below to learn more about Advanced Queuing in Oracle.
Steps For Setting Up Advanced Queuing