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Lesson 7 Introducing RADIUS adapter
Objective Define the RADIUS adapter and its purpose.

Oracle RADIUS Adapter

One of the security options supported with the OAS option of Network Services is the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, or RADIUS[1] protocol. This protocol is popular in Web applications that require user identification with passwords. It is also being used with a variety of security devices that check fingerprints, retina scans, or that use a smart card for security access. Oracle can be configured with the Advanced Security option to implement authentication using RADIUS. Oracle Net Services uses RADIUS as an intermediate layer between the user and the database server.
The following Tooltip shows how the Oracle database, Network Services, and RADIUS fit together.

Oracle Radius Server
  1. For this scenario, let's say the client is using a Web browser and has started an application that prompts for the username and password. Once the user types this in, the information goes to Network Services
  2. Network Services has Oracle Advanced Security in place, so before anything goes to the database, Network Services first passes it through the Advanced Security. Advanced Security takes the username and password and transmits it to the RADIUS Server
  3. The RADIUS Server receives the username and password and sends it on to the Authentication Server. Depending on the implementation (by a third party, not Oracle), the RADIUS Server and the Authentication Server may be within the same software.
  4. Once the user's identity has been validated, Network Services passes the request on to the database server. The database server logs the user in, processes whatever request for data has been made, and returns the information to Network Services, which in turn returns that data to the client.
  5. The Authentication Server validates the user's name and password and returns an "Accepted" or "Rejected" flag to the RADIUS Server.

Radius Adaptor and Oracle
RADIUS is a widely accepted protocol and is used to secure Internet applications, directory access services, and firewalls.
The next lesson covers configuration of the RADIUS adapter for Network Services.

[1]RADIUS:Acronym for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, a client-server security protocol that is used primarily with the Internet.