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Lesson 7Using Net Configuration Assistant
ObjectiveDescribe the uses of the Net Configuration Assistant.

Using Net Configuration Assistant

The Net Configuration Assistant is another new Net feature that aids DBAs who may be unfamiliar with the command syntax for the Net components.
Net Configuration Assistant runs during the installation of a new Oracle8i database system. You can also run the Configuraton Assistant after installation.
You can use the Net Configuration Assistant to make the following entries:
  1. Listener configuration: This option allows the creation and start up of a TNS listener
  2. Naming Method configuration: This allows the definition of local naming methods for Net services
  3. Name configuration: This option allows for the creation and modification of local Net service names for sites that do not want global naming methods
  4. Directory Service configuration: This feature allows the definition of directory services and directory security options

Oracle Net Manager

While many of these features have been in use since Oracle8, the Net Configuration Assistant was re-written in Java and has a completely new look and feel. Follow along with this SlideShow to see how you can configure a listener for a kind of Java client you might have for an Internet application.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Using Oracle Net Manager
The Net Configuration Assistant and the Net Assistant both write backup copies of your original files before making any changes to them.
The next lesson wraps up this module.