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Lesson 1

Changes in Net installation and Configuration

This module discusses Oracle Net installation and configuration for Oracle databases 11g and higher.
This module does not cover the basic concepts of Net; you should already be familiar with the introductory Net content from the Net network administration course. By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  1. Describe changes to initialization parameters needed to support the new features
  2. Add a network node in Net Assistant
  3. Modify the tnsnames.ora file
  4. Describe how to start a Net listener service with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  5. Start a listener with line commands
  6. Describe the uses of the Net Configuration Assistant
In the next lesson, we observe initialization parameters that involve new Net features.

Oracle Database Administration

Shared Oracle Databases

With Oracle databases shared across geographical areas, it is very important for the Oracle professional to recognize the importance of network communications on the performance of their databases. As you may know, Oracle provides for distributed communications between databases by using its (TNS) Transparent Network Substrate. The TNS is a distributed protocol that allows for transparent database communications between remote systems. The TNS acts as an insulator between Oracle's
  1. logical request for data and
  2. the physical communications
between the distributed servers. Because of this insulation between the Oracle logical data request and the internal workings of the network, much of the network performance tuning is in the hands of the network administrator. In other words, the Oracle administrator has very little direct control over the network configuration settings that can affect the overall performance of their database .