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Lesson 2 Using Connection Manager
Objective Configure and run the Connection Manager.

Using Connection Manager

Connection Manager Overview

Oracle Connection Manager is a multipurpose networking solution that offers increased scalability, multiprotocol connectivity and secure network access control. It offers the following features to Oracle network:
  1. Connection multiplexing
  2. Access control
  3. Source routing
  4. Multiprotocol Support
  5. Firewall Proxy Support
Oracle Connection Manager enables large numbers of users to connect to a single server by acting as a connection concentrator to funnel multiple client database sessions across a single network connection. This is done through multiplexed network connections, a networking feature included with Oracle Net. Oracle Connection Manager reduces operating system resource requirements by minimizing the number of network connections made to a server. Network bottlenecks are thus avoided and system scalability significantly increases so that thousands of users can now access a single database.
To configure Connection Manager
  1. run the (CMAN) Connection Manager,
  2. Oracle Net Manager or
  3. CMAN utility (line commands).

Configuring the Connection Manager

Oracle Connection Manager[1] is automatically installed when you install Oracle Enterprise Edition.
Its default configuration listens for TCP/IP connections on port 1630.
It also listens for administration commands (issued from Oracle Net Manager or CMAN) on the TCP/IP port 1830.
If you need to change these defaults (for example, if you must assign the Connection Manager to a different port), you must create a cman.ora file and locate it in the same directory as the tnsnames.ora file. An example of the cman.ora file (including good documentation of the parameters) is provided in the ORACLE_HOME\Network\Admin\Sample directory.
Here is what a typical cman.ora file looks like:

Example of cman.ora file

cman_admin = (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)
cman_profile = (parameter_list=

We will discuss the parameters needed for features such as multiplexing later in this module.

Running the Connection Manager

You should use the CMAN utility to run the Connection Manager. You can view the status of the Connection Manager, start the service, and stop the service using this utility. Follow along with the SlideShow to see how to start, show status, and stop the Connection Manager.

Running Connection Manager
The Connection Manager can help you streamline the handling of multiple connections into your database.
The next lesson covers multiplexing.

Start Stop Connection Manager

Click the link below to read about starting and stopping the Connection Manager.
Start Stop Connection Manager
[1]Connection Manager: A service that can be run along with Net8 to control multiple connections going to a Multi-Threaded Server.