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Lesson 5 Starting up Net listener with OEM console
Objective How to start Net listener service with Enterprise Manager.

Starting up Net Listener with Enterprise Manager Console

You may already know how to use the Enterprise Manager console to monitor your database node and email you if it goes down. In this lesson, you will see how to create a job in the console that you can run if you need to restart the listeners on a node after you have restarted the database. Follow along with the SlideShow as we create a job that can start a listener. The Slideshow begins at the Oracle Enterprise Manager console.

Starting Up Net Listener
If you were to set up jobs like this ahead of time, you could easily restart a listener process on your remote database nodes.
The next lesson shows you how to start the listeners with a line command.

Starting Net Listener - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to test your understanding of Net new features.
Starting Net Listener - Quiz