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Lesson 11 Snapshot deployment templates
Objective Identify the New Features of Snapshot Deployment Templates.

Snapshot Deployment Templates for Oracle Administration

One of the most exciting new distributed database replication features with Oracle is the ability to package a set of snapshots together into a single bundle called a deployment template[1].
A snapshot deployment template can contain hundreds of complex snapshots that are bundled together into a template and deployed to remote sites.

Some of the advantages to using snapshot deployment templates are:
  1. Centralized control over multimaster snapshots
  2. Easy capability to repeatedly deploy snapshot environment
  3. Capability to replicate subsets of data at the remote site with template parameters
  4. Centralized control over snapshot security using authorized user lists inside the template

Implement Snapshot Templates

To implement snapshot templates, the DBA creates a template at the master site. This template stores all of the information needed to deploy a snapshot environment, including the DDL to create the objects at the remote site and the target refresh group. This template also maintains links to user security information and template parameters for custom snapshot creation.
You can create snapshot templates by using the Replication Manager wizard or by calling the DBMS_REPCAT_RGT pre-defined package.

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[1]Deployment template: A set of commands that create one or more snapshots at a remote site. The template can be used repeatedly to create identical sets of snapshots at multiple remote sites.