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Lesson 1

Oracle Network Administration

This course introduces you to the features in Oracle, which are designed to help you get better database performance.This course covers the latest improvements in Oracle Network Services such as multiplexing and load balancing. It covers new features for distributed database such as support for LOB datatypes, deferred replication activity, and specialized offline snapshot maintenance. It also covers enhancements for parallel servers such as dynamic load balancing. Taken in conjunction with the other courses in this series, this course will prepare you to pass the Oracle Features for Administrators certification exam. Along the way, you will work on a series of course projects and exercises that will give you a chance to put your new skills to use in the context of actual business scenarios.

Course goals

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Set up multiplexing and connection pooling.
  2. Work with Oracle Net Manager to create new nodes
  3. Understand the changes in tnsnames.ora configuration file that support Oracle Network Services features.
  4. Describe new replication features such as updateable snapshots, snapshot templates, and deferred constraints.
  5. Create partitioned tables, including object tables and tables with LOB data.
  6. Set up a database to use parallel execution of queries and DML and write parallel queries and parallel DML statements.
  7. Describe and implement connection load balancing.
  8. Configure and use the Enterprise Manager.
In the next lesson, you will learn about the prerequisites for this course.