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Setting Data Environment - Exercise

Adding a data environment to the application

Objective: Add a data environment and database connection to the virtualbook.mdb database.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth 3 points and is automatically scored. When you are finished, just click the Submit button to receive credit.


In this exercise you will setup the Data Environment and database connection to the virtualbook.mdb database. You must complete this exercise in order to complete exercises later in the course.

Download files

You will need the following file to do this exercise:
  1. virtualbook.mdb

This is the database to which you will establish a connection in this exercise. Go to the Resources page and download the course project file. Store the virtualbook.mdb file in the VirtualBookShelf_Local directory.


To get started follow the instructions below:
  1. Begin by right-clicking the project name in the Project Explorer window.
  2. Select "Add Data Connection".
  3. Select the Machine Data Source tab and click to add the database.
  4. Continue by following the steps described in the simulation you completed for this lesson.