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SQL Using Insert - Exercise

Objective: Add a row to the BookTable.

Exercise scoring

The exercise is worth 3 points and is scored automatically. When you are finished, just click the


button" to receive full credit.


The Web site will occasionally need to have new books added to the inventory. You will want to keep the database up to date so you will always know what books are available. The INSERT statement is used to add a row to a table. In this exercise you will write an INSERT statement that adds a row to the BookTable.

Download files

You will need the file sqlfun.asp to do this exercise.


Open the sqlfun.asp file in the source code editor. Locate the line: querystring = " ", and insert the complete INSERT statement between the quotation marks. Use the following values:
  1. ItemNo: A900-0001
  2. Title: Advanced SQL
  3. Author: Robbins

After entering the INSERT statement, save the file and view it in the browser.