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Add Navigation Controls - Exercise

Adding navigation controls

Objective:Add a RecordsetNavBar control to Specials.asp.

Exercise scoring

This is a hands-on exercise worth 2 points and will be automatically scored. When you are finished, just click the Submit button to receive full credit.


In this exercise you will add a RecordsetNavBar control to the Specials.asp page to provide a way to display other records in the recordset.

Download files

Download the file Specials_L3.asp. If you download the file, remove the existing file from the project and add the new file as Specials.asp. You may want to review the "Creating a command object" lesson.


  1. Add a RecordsetNavBar control to the Specials.asp.
  2. Open Specials.asp in the source editor
  3. Drag the RecordsetNavbar DTC into the Web page below the </Table> tag
  4. Set the properties
  5. Also, add a standard HTML heading to the top of the display. The heading should read "Current Specials"