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Adding the RecordsetNavBar Design Time Control

  1. The command object fields were added in Lesson 4. All that is needed now is the RecordsetNavBar control. You add the control by dragging it from the toolbox to the page. Drag the control from the tool box to the page and drop it between the </TR> and </TABLE> tags. For the purpose of this simulation, just click the RecordsetNavbar control and we will drag it for you.
  2. These four buttons will allow you to navigate through the records in a database. But, first you need to set a couple of properties before you can use the control. Do this by right-clicking the RecordsetNavBar DTC.
  3. Select Properties from the menu.
  4. Only two properties need to be set. First, set the name to BookNav. Now you need to tell the control which recordset to use. Pull the list box down by clicking the down arrow to the right of the Recordset field.
  5. Select BookRecords in the Recordset list box.
  6. Now click OK to continue.
  7. Now the control is ready for use. You can look at the page in the browser by right-clicking the Source Editor.
  8. Select View in browser.
  9. Here is the page with the RecordsetNavBar control. To see it in action, click the button with the > symbol to go to the next record.
  10. Now click the button with the >| symbol to move to the last record.
  11. Lastly, click the |< button to move to the first record.
  12. Now you are back to the first record. I think you'll agree that the RecordsetNavbar control adds a lot of functionality for just a little bit of work. This is the end of the simulation.