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Binding Data Bound Time Controls - Exercise

Browse current Specials

Objective:Create a Web page with a Recordset DTC and bind the recordset to HTML DTCs.

Exercise scoring:

This exercise is worth 10 points.


In this exercise you will add a new page that will be used later to display current specials. The page will only display one record at this time. More functionality will be added in later lessons.


  1. Add a new page named Specials.asp to the project
  2. Add a Recordset DTC
  3. Name the Recordset DTC BookRecords and set it to reference the BookTable
  4. Add Textbox DTCs for the following fields: ItemNo, Title, Author, and Retail

Submitting your exercise

To submit your results, copy the contents of your Specials.asp page from the PHP source editor and paste them into the textbox below.
When you have finished, just click the Submit button to receive full credit.