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Adding Navigation Controls

Grid DTC

The Grid DTC is used to display several records at once. The records are displayed in an HTML table and the RecordsetNavBar control is automatically added for navigation. The control has several properties, many of which control the table's appearance.
Adding the Grid DTC is as easy as adding the RecordsetNavbar DTC. Simply drag and drop it into the Web page, and then set properties to reference a recordset and selected fields. You can optionally set properties that control the table's appearance.

The following discusses how to create HTML tables using the Microsoft Visual InterDev version 6.0 Grid Design-Time Control (DTC).
  1. Creating links
  2. Calling functions
  3. Sorting data by columns
  4. Changing tables
The Grid Design-Time Control (DTC) is a Microsoft ActiveX control that creates HTML tables. The Grid DTC is a data-bound control that uses the Recordset DTC to retrieve data from a data source and displays the information in an HTML table.
You can use the Properties dialog box at design time to control the appearance of the HTML table that is generated. In the General tab of the Properties dialog box, you can set a predefined style for the grid. The Data tab allows you to control what is displayed in the different columns. The Navigation tab lets you enable and disable page and row navigation. The Borders and Format tabs allow you to customize beyond the setting of the style applied in the General tab. The Advanced tab allows you to add additional information into the TABLE, TR, TH, and TD tags generated by this control.