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Inserting Records into SQL-Server - Exercise

Inserting new records into the BookTable

Objective: Insert new records using bound controls into the BookTable.

Exercise scoring

This is an auto-scored hands-on exercise worth 3 points. When you are finished, just click the Submit button to receive full credit.


In this lesson you saw how to add the ability to add new customer records into the CustTable. Now you will add functionality to add new records to the BookTable.


Add a page called BookManage.asp to the VirtualBookShelf project. Then add an Insert button and the necessary event handler to insert a row into BookTable. Then enter the following book information using the new page.
  1. ItemNo: A300-001
  2. Title: How To Build a Submarine
  3. Author: O'Really
  4. Qty: 3
  5. Reorder: 1
  6. Status: S
  7. Retail: 9.95