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Lesson 2 Database Course Prerequisites
Objective Verify that you have the right background for this course.

Database Course Prerequisites

Creating a Database is an introductory-level course. It does require the following, however:
  1. Experience Using the Microsoft Windows Server network operating system
  2. Familiarity with the definition, theory, and underlying function of relational databases
  3. Completion of Introduction to SQL, Parts 1 and 2 (which can be found at
    1. Basic Structured Query Language
    2. Advanced Structured Query Language
    or equivalent understanding of basic ANSI SQL statements.
In the next lesson, you will learn what you need to take this course.

In order to make any real, viable use of this course, you will need an installation of SQL Server. The course makes extensive use of the actual SQL Server 2016 management tools, so I highly recommend that you have a version that contains the full product, rather than just using SQL Server Express. That said, the course is focused on the kind of scripting required for developers, so even SQL Server Express users should be able to get the lion's share of learning out of most of the chapters. You will also need the AdvenureWorks sample database, the AdventureWorks database for BI and reporting, and a few custom databases installed.
A copy of Visual Studio is handy for working with this course, but most of the Visual Studio features needed are included in the Business Intelligence Studio that comes along with the SQL Server product.