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Lesson 10

SQL Server Overview - Conclusion

This module presented an overview of SQL Server and some of its most useful features and tools. Having completed it, you should now be able to:
  1. Define a relational database
  2. Identify and describe SQL Server 2012 services
  3. Describe SQL Server 2012 architecture
  4. Plan an effective SQL Server 2012 installation strategy
  5. Use the Enterprise Manager to administer SQL servers
  6. Use the Query Analyzer to execute queries and view their results
  7. Describe some of the most useful wizards available in Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Glossary terms

This module introduced you to the following terms:
  1. ad hoc
  2. API
  3. console
  4. context sensitive
  5. distributed transaction
  6. gigabytes
  7. referential integrity
  8. scheduling
  9. table
  10. terabyte
In the next module, you'll learn all about relational concepts. These concepts are important to understanding the rest of the course.

Sql Server Overview - Quiz

Before moving on to the next module, click the Quiz link below on the left to check your knowledge of the information covered in this module.
SQL Server Overview - Quiz