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Lesson 9 SQL Server 2012 wizards
Objective Describe the Wizards available in Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Wizards available in Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft provides many wizards to help you administer and navigate SQL Server 2012. This course does not provide information on all of them, but it does cover some, and I'll at least mention the others. You may want to refer to the online documentation that comes with SQL Server 2012 for more information.
Many of the concepts you need to understand to use the wizards are discussed in later modules and courses. The following wizards are included in Microsoft SQL Server 2012:
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  1. Create Database:Guides you through the process of creating a database.
  2. Create Index:Helps you determine and create indexes on tables.
  3. Create Job:Creates database jobs that run at specified intervals.
  4. Create Stored Procedures:Eases the process of creating stored procedures.
  5. Create View:Automates creating views.
  6. Create Backup:Creates backups of your database(s).