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Lesson 4 Course resources
Objective Explore course resources

SQL Server Course Resources

There are numerous resources offered with this course that will help you to complete it successfully. The greatest resource is the Search Toolbar which will help you locate the desired information on this website. There, you will learn what to expect with regard to course structure, interactivity, and assessment.
In addition to the Search Toolbar, there are several other resources available to you. You will come across those listed below as you progress through the course.

Resources and Help page

You can find a list of Internet resources related to SQL Server and the Microsoft 70-029 exam on the Resources page. Remember, you can reach the Resources page at any time throughout the course by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.


Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to review definitions of key terms. These terms are defined in the course glossary. The terms appear as blue, italicized, and underlined in the lesson text. Clicking a glossary term opens a pop-up window with the definition.

Recommended Text

Purchase the optional text for this course online by visiting the
SQL Server
page. This book is not required to take this course, but does contain helpful, additional information.

Exercise submissions

After completing some exercises, you will be required to cut and paste your source code into a text submission box. Copying and pasting is generally easy to accomplish. In the next lesson, you will learn about your learning community.