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Lesson 8The Query Analyzer
ObjectiveUse the Query Analyzer to execute Queries and view their Results

Use Query Analyzer to execute Queries

After the Enterprise Manager, the Query Analyzer is probably the next most important tool that you will use with SQL Server 2012. It gives you the ability to enter a SQL statement, execute it, and view the results. You can then analyze these results to see if the query can be optimized. Queries that are issued "on-the-fly," (as you think of them) are known as ad hoc queries.
The following simulation illustrates a typical way in which you might use the Query Analyzer. Click the Start Simulation button to open the simulation in a new browser window; follow the instructions to work through it.
Note: If you have access to SQL Server 2012, you might want simply to click Instructions Only and use your own software to execute the procedures.

To invoke the Query Analyzer, click
Start>>Programs>>Microsoft SQL Server 2012>>Query Analyzer.
Using Query Analyzer
In the next lesson, we will take a look at the wizards that come with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.