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Starting MS SQLServer Service - Exercise

Starting MSSQLServer service

Objective: Start the MSSQLServer service.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 2 points. It's auto-scored, which means all you need to do to receive credit for having completed it is click the Submit btton below.


Follow these simple steps to start the MSSQLServer, SQLServerAgent, MSDTC, and Microsoft Search services. If you have not installed full-text search support, you will not be able to start the Microsoft Search service, but you can start the other three.
  1. Select
    Programs>>Microsoft SQL Server 2012>>Service Manager
    from the Start menu.
  2. Within the dialog box, ensure that your server is selected in the Server drop-down list.
  3. Select MSSQLServer from the Services drop-down list. You will see the status of this service in the status bar at the bottom of the dialog box. If the state of the service is Paused or Stopped, click the Start/Continue button to start the service.

Repeat the above procedure for the SQLServerAgent, MSDTC, and Microsoft Search (if you installed full-text search support) services. When you've completed the steps, click the Submit button below to receive credit for having completed the exercise and to view a results page.