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Sizing Redo Log Files - Exercise

Size the online redo log files:

Objective:Size the redo log files.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 12 points - three points for each correct answer you submit. To receive full credit, you will need to respond to the scenario below, answering the questions. Once you have completed your answer, you will submit your answers.


You have been asked to estimate the redo log sizes for a new database. This includes log_buffer, log_simultaneous_copies, online redo logs, and the archived redo log filesyatem. The vendor reports that this database application package will generate 1,000,000 changes per day, and the average size of a database change is 80 bytes.
You are running on an SMP server with eight CPUs and you have a huge amount of RAM memory on the server. They cannot give you any more specific information about the volume of update activity. The end users say that they will be taking full, cold backups each night. You would like to keep enough space in your archived redo log file system to be able to roll-forward all changes between backups.


You task is to allocate appropriate sizes for:
1. log_buffer
2. The online redo log files
3. log_simultaneous_copies
4. The archived redo log filesystem


For the archived redo log filesystem, think about how far you will need to roll-forward between backups.

Submitting your exercise

Once you have entered your responses into the text boxes, click the Submit button to submit the exercise. Remember that you must submit all your responses to this exercise at once.