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Lesson 4 Database Creation Course Expectations
Objective Understand how the course is structured.

Database Creation Course Expectations

This course includes several features to help you make the most of your learning experience.

Quizzes and exercises

At regular intervals throughout the course, you will find multiple-choice quizzes and exercises providing hands-on practice with Oracle-related concepts and procedures. These learning checks enable you to assess what you have learned and to plan your progress through the course accordingly. You will also have the opportunity throughout this course to use five of our Java applets: the Simulation, the SlideShow, and the ToolTip.

Task icon

At certain points in this course, a step in a lesson will be called out with this task icon. This indicates that if you are running Oracle, you should complete the task being discussed. Performing these tasks is good practice, and will often be important to your work later in this course. In addition to the tasks called out with the icon, you will find important tasks in the course exercises.

Diagrams and Slide Shows

Whenever you see this graphic within the course, a diagram will explain the components of a window or code snippet. Below the diagram will be an ordered list detailing the elements of the diagram explaining the particular feature, button, or line of code.
The 1) Diagram and 2) Slideshow used in this course are always followed by a link to a transcript. So even if your browser does not support JavaScript, you will not miss any information.

Occasionally in this course, you will need to examine images, code, or output that are larger than our standard lesson pages. When this is necessary, you will see a View Image or View Code button in the left margin. Click this button to open a new Web browser window and view the image, code or output.