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Lesson 8Running the CATPROC script
ObjectiveRun CATPROC.SQL script against the COIN database.

Running CATPROC Script

The purpose of CATPROC.SQL script

Another critical script that you need to run is CATPROC.SQL. You will find it in the same directory in which you found CATALOG. CATPROC.SQL's purpose is centered around PL/SQL. It creates a number of PL/SQL-related data dictionary views, and an innumerable (well almost) number of built-in PL/SQL packages. Some of the highlights of what CATPROC.SQL creates are:
  1. The DBMS_STANDARD PL/SQL package
  2. PL/SQL related views such as DBA_SOURCE, USER_TRIGGERS, and ALL_TRIGGER_COLS
  3. A myriad of other built-in PL/SQL packages such as DBMS_SESSION, DBMS_UTILITY, and DBMS_SYSTEM
  4. Public synonyms for the above views and packages

How to run the script

If you look in the CATPROC.SQL file, you will see that it mostly just calls a bunch of other script files. Some of those, DBMSUTIL.SQL for example, call other files in turn. You run CATPROC.SQL by using Server Manager. Here's an example:

SVRMGR>connect internal


CATPROC takes even longer to run than CATALOG. On the production systems that I manage, where I have plenty of memory and fast SCSI disks, I allow at least 1 hour. On some slower systems, this can take well over two hours. You have to run it, though. Before you proceed, make sure that you run CATPROC.SQL against your COIN database.