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Lesson 7 Running the CATALOG Script
Objective Run the CATALOG.SQL script against the COIN database.

Running CATALOG Script

The purpose of the CATALOG.SQL script

Now that you have successfully created the COIN database, there are a number of housekeeping tasks that you must complete before you can really use it. The first of these tasks is to execute a script named CATALOG.SQL. This script can be found in the $ORACLE_HOME/admin/rdbms directory. Its purpose is to create the data dictionary views used to obtain information about the database. In a nutshell, CATALOG.SQL creates the following:
  1. Public synonyms for all the V$ views
  2. The V_$ views
  3. The DBA views
  4. The ALL views
  5. The USER views
  6. Comments on all the above views, and on the view columns

It is instructive to look at the CATALOG.SQL script, and I encourage you to do so. You can learn a lot about how Oracle's data dictionary works. But whatever you do, do not modify what Oracle has written.

How to run the script

You run CATALOG.SQL using Server Manager. Here's an example:

C:\Oracle\Ora81\RDBMS\ADMIN>svrmgrl SVRMGR>connect internal SVRMGR>@catalog

This script takes some time to run. On some systems, the CATALOG script takes upwards of an hour to complete. You have to be patient.
Before you proceed, make sure that you run this script against your COIN database.