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Creating New Oracle service - Exercise

Creating a service using ORADIM

Objective: Use the ORADIM command to create a new service for the COIN instance.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of five points. It's auto-scored; when you've completed the exercise, click the OK, I'm Done button at the bottom of the page to receive full credit.


Before you can create a new database on Windows NT, you must first create a Windows NT service. You can do this with the ORADIM command. In this exercise, you will run ORADIM to create a service for the COIN database.


If you are running on UNIX, don't do this exercise. You don't need to do this step for UNIX. And if you are not running the Oracle8 software at all, you can't do this exercise. Just click the Submit button and go on with the course. If you are a Windows NT user, go ahead and complete this exercise.
Open a command prompt window, and enter the following command:

-PFILE c:\oracle\admin\coin\pfile\initcoin.ora

This is a long command and it will probably wrap to a second line when you enter it. That's OK. Do be sure that the parameter filename is correct, based on how you named your initialization file and where you placed it.
You won't get much of a response from this command. If you don't get any error messages, it's safe to assume that it worked. Just to be sure though, you should check the Services control panel to be sure that the new service is listed.