Write CREATE DATABASE statement - Exercise

Write your own CREATE DATABASE command statement

Objective: Write the CREATE DATABASE statement for your COIN database.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of thirty points.


Now that you've had a chance to look over the syntax for the CREATE DATABASE statement, go ahead and write one to create the COIN database on your system. Save this statement in a SQL file because you will be needing it soon. Those of you who are not running Oracle should still write this statement, although you won't be able to execute it.


Do not get hung up on all the clauses for the CREATE DATABASE command. Concentrate on the ones that you know you should change and take the defaults for everything else. Place your CREATE DATABASE statement in an SQL file, and name the file after the database that you are creating. For example, I would use create_coin.sql for the filename. The OFA recommended location for database creation scripts is $ORACLE_BASE/admin/SID/create. On my Windows NT system, that translates to
Remember that you need at least two redo log groups in a database, so that log switches can occur.
Remember to use the sizes that we decided on in the last module for the redo log files and for the system tablespace file.

Submitting your Exercise

Paste your completed CREATE DATABASE statement into the text box below, and click the Submit button.