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Configuring Transparent Application failover

Configuring transparent application failover
Configuring transparent application Failover

Hotspot 1 This parameter indicates that you are going to use TAF. If you leave out this parameter, or set the TYPE sub-parameter to NONE, no failoversare handled.
Hotspot 2 Name the database service that picks up the failed transaction.
Hotspot 3 Specify which type of failover you wish to handle. The choices are: SESSION (a user session failure is reconnected on the backup.); SELECT (a user's cached query continues to deliver data after instance failure); and NONE (no failovers allowed).
Hotspot 4 Specify the method used for failover. The chouces are: BASIC (creates a connection on the backup only when a failure occurs.); PRECONNECT (creates a connection on the backup during normal sessions so failover - if needed - is faster.)

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