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Lesson 8

Oracle Net Manager Conclusion

Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Describe changes to initialization parameters needed to support the new features in Oracle
  2. Add a network node in Net Assistant
  3. Modify the tnsnames.ora file
  4. Describe how to start a Net listener service with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  5. Start a listener with line commands
  6. Describe the uses of the Net Configuration Assistant

Providing a history of changes to your Oracle database parameters is not only a DBA best practice, it is absolutely required in a mission-critical production environment. Back when Oracle parameters were kept in a flat file on the server (the init.ora file) tracking changes was difficult.
However, once Oracle introduced the "spfile" feature it became easier to track changes to initialization parameters. Below are two common techniques for tracking Oracle initialization parameters:
  1. auditing, and
  2. using the extra-cost AWR method.
If you have purchased the extra cost performance pack and diagnostic pack (and have access to the AWR dba_hist_parameter table), it is easy to run a script to track all changes to your initialization parameters.

Using Oracle Net Manager to Configure Oracle Net Services

Oracle Net Manager enables you to configure Oracle Net Services for an Oracle home on a local client or server host. You can use Oracle Net Manager to configure the following network components:
  1. Listeners: Create and configure listeners to receive client connections.
  2. Naming: Define connect identifiers and map them to connect descriptors to identify the network location and identification of a service. Oracle Net Manager supports configuration of connect descriptors in local tnsnames.ora files or a centralized directory service.
  3. Naming methods: Configure the ways connect identifiers are resolved to connect descriptors.
  4. Profiles: Configure preferences for enabling and configuring Oracle Net features on the client or server.

For a more detailed review of this module's concepts, use this Net installation configuration.

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