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Lesson 9

Connection Manager Conclusion

Oracle Connection Manager is a software component that resides on its own computer, separate from a client or an Oracle Database server. Oracle Connection Manager proxies and screens requests for the database server. In addition, it multiplexes database sessions. In its session multiplexing role, Oracle Connection Manager funnels multiple sessions through a single transport protocol connection to a particular destination. Using this technology, Oracle Connection Manager reduces the demand on resources needed to maintain multiple sessions between two processes by enabling the Oracle Database server to use fewer connection end points for incoming requests. As an access control filter, Oracle Connection Manager controls access to Oracle databases.
This module discussed new possibilities available in Net8, especially in the area of security and connection tuning.
In this module, you learned how to:
  1. Configure and run the Connection Manager
  2. Configure Net8 for multiplexing
  3. Identify scenarios where connection pooling is beneficial
  4. Configure a network for load balancing
  5. Identify situations where automatic instance registration can be an advantage
  6. Define the RADIUS adapter and its purpose
  7. Describe what needs to be configured to use RADIUS adapter


The following terms were defined in this module:
  1. Connection load balancing: A feature of Net8 that reviews the load on each of a group of database services or database dispatchers, and then selects the least busy available service or dispatcher and assigns a new connection to it.
  2. Connection Manager: A service that can be run along with Net8 to control multiple connections going to a Multi-Threaded Server.
  3. Multiplexing: Combining several individual transmissions and sending them across a single connection to and from a database.
  4. Connection Pooling: A feature of Multi-Threaded Server in which idle user connections are re-used temporarily, allowing more concurrent users to reach the database.
  5. RADIUS: Acronym for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, a client-server security protocol that is used primarily with the Internet.
In the next module, you will learn about new features of Oracle8 i for distributed databases.

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