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Lesson 6Installing the OEM agents on remote servers
Objective Define remote intelligent agents on remote servers.

Installing the OEM Agents on Remote Servers

Define remote intelligent agents on remote servers.
In order to define intelligent agents, you must install them as part of the server-side Oracle installation.
Simply choose Oracle Intelligent Agent from the Oracle8 installer.
This installs the necessary SNMP files as well as the Oracle Intelligent Agent.
After installing the Oracle Intelligent Agent, you will need to edit the following files:
  1. $ORACLE_HOME/network/SNMP/peer/CONFIG.master
  2. $ORACLE_HOME/network/SNMP/peer/CONFIG.encap
  3. $ORACLE_HOME/network/SNMP/peer/start_peer
  4. /etc/SNMPd.config
    Let us take a closer look at these files.

CONFIG.Master (the Peer Master Agent file)

To edit the CONFIG.master file, change the IP address coded in the line beginning with MANAGER to match the IP address of the machine where the SNMP traps will be sent.

CONFIG.encap (the Peer Encapsulator file)

To edit the CONFIG.encap file, find the line AGENT AT PORT. It normally reads
public. If you modify the port number from 1161, you must also modify the start_peer script.

start_peer script

To edit the start_peer script, find the line NEW_SNMPD_PORT= and verify that it is using the same port number listed above in the CONFIG.encap file. Find the line
and verify the port number is different from NEW_SNMPD_PORT=.

SNMPd.config file

Add the following line to this file:
trap <hostname or ipaddress>

Replace the information in brackets with the actual hostname or IP address of the local host where the file is located.
Once installed, you can start and stop the Intelligent Agent by using the DataBase Simple Network Management Protocol (dbSNMP) program.
Once started, the agent will run as a server process, very similar to a listener process. Any server with an active agent can be used by the Event Manager to define monitoring thresholds and corrective actions.
Now that we have seen how Oracle Intelligent Agents are installed on each server, let us look at how to use them within OEM.

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