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Lesson 4 Overview of Oracle agents
Objective Explain how Oracle agents work on remote servers.

Overview of Oracle Agents

The Oracle Enterprise Manager enables you to centralize your DBA monitoring and create pre-defined corrective actions. Because the work is done by the Intelligent Agents on the remote servers, the corrective actions are local. This is an important point. You do not want a lost network connection to interfere with the monitoring and corrective processing.
The OEM Event Manager allows for the definition of an almost infinite number of Oracle thresholds as illustrated below.

OEM Event Manager
UpDown thresholds

A threshold is a pre-defined value that will trigger an alert to be reported to the OEM console. For example, a tablespace_full threshold might be set for 95 percent, such that the OEM console will receive an alarm whenever any tablespace exceed the 95 percent full threshold.
OEM Event Manager comes with three default UpDown thresholds, illustrated below. One indicates the server status; one corresponds to each Oracle database on the server; and the third indicates the Intelligent Agent.
UpDown thresholds
UpDown thresholds

The next lesson looks at how the Intelligent Agents communicate with the OEM Event Manager.