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Lesson 2Overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
ObjectiveCapabilities of the Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle 11g Features

Question: What are the capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise Manager in Oracle 11g?
Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) in Oracle 11g offers a comprehensive and unified solution for managing the entire Oracle environment. It provides a holistic view of your organization's IT infrastructure, offering capabilities that are crucial for efficient database management and administration. This includes areas such as configuration management, performance tuning, provisioning, patch management, and change management.
  1. Performance Monitoring and Tuning: The OEM allows for real-time and historical performance monitoring, delivering detailed analysis and diagnostics. It provides metrics, alerts, and reports related to performance data across all your Oracle databases. Oracle's Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) technologies are integrated to provide automated database performance analysis and tuning suggestions.
  2. Configuration Management: OEM allows the management of configurations for the entire Oracle environment including database servers, application servers, and host systems. It maintains a repository of all configuration information, tracks changes to these configurations, and can provide notifications when changes occur. Configuration drifts, comparisons, and search capabilities can help troubleshoot problems or standardize configurations across your environment.
  3. Service Level Management: Oracle 11g's OEM allows administrators to track and manage service levels. They can set service-level objectives, monitor service performance, and obtain reports about service level compliance. This feature helps in identifying and resolving service bottlenecks, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  4. Provisioning and Patch Management: OEM simplifies the complex task of provisioning new databases and hosts, as well as managing patches across numerous Oracle installations. Administrators can schedule and deploy patches from a centralized location, reducing both downtime and manual intervention.
  5. Change Management: Change is a constant in IT environments, and OEM assists by providing capabilities for tracking, managing, and applying changes across your Oracle landscape. It also supports policy-based management to enforce compliance with standards and best practices.
  6. Security Compliance and Management: With OEM, you can define and implement security policies, monitor compliance, and address security vulnerabilities effectively. This capability ensures that your Oracle infrastructure aligns with your organization's security standards and complies with regulatory requirements.
  7. Application Testing Suite: OEM's application testing suite offers a comprehensive solution for load testing, functional testing, and test management. This suite is fully integrated with the Oracle environment, allowing you to quickly identify any potential performance bottlenecks or application issues.
  8. Job Scheduling: Oracle Enterprise Manager also comes with robust job scheduling capabilities. Administrators can schedule jobs across multiple Oracle instances and even create job dependencies.

Oracle Enterprise Manager in Oracle 11g is an efficient, centralized tool that gives IT departments visibility and control over their entire Oracle environment. It provides robust management capabilities that can significantly enhance the operational efficiency, performance, and security of Oracle-based IT infrastructures.
Describe the capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle Enterprise Manager is a system-management tool that provides an integrated solution for managing your heterogeneous database environment. It combines a graphical console, agents, common services, and tools to provide an integrated, comprehensive systems-management platform for managing Oracle products. From the Oracle Enterprise Manager console, you can:
  1. Administer, diagnose, and tune multiple databases
  2. Distribute software to multiple servers and clients
  3. Schedule jobs on multiple nodes at varying time intervals
  4. Monitor objects and events throughout the network
  5. Customize your display using multiple graphic maps and groups of network objects such as nodes and databases
  6. Administer Oracle Parallel Servers (For information about administering Oracle Parallel Servers, see the Oracle documentation: Oracle Parallel Server Support for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console Guide.)
The next lesson takes a closer look at the four quadrants of the OEM console.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g New Features

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has introduced quite a few new 11g management features into the OEM GUI interface.
The most prominent 11g OEM new features include:
  1. Interface OEM to Foreign 3rd party Applications in 11g, OEM interfaces to Siebel and PeopleSoft Corp. into a single platform.
  2. OEM Easy de-install: In 11g, OEM will uninstall both successful and unsuccessful Oracle installs.
  3. OEM MOSC Support workbench: In 11g, OEM interfaces directly with My Oracle Support Community (MOSC), formally MetaLink.
    Once the (ADR) Automatic Diagnostic Repository has detected and reported a critical problem, the DBA can interrogate the ADR, report on the source of the problem, and in some cases even implement repairs.
  4. Database repair wizard: A GUI to guide beginners through the steps to diagnose and repair Oracle issues.
  5. Better OEM Grid tools: Another new Oracle11g feature may be improved RAC and Grid monitoring, especially on the cache fusion interconnect.
  6. Improved Database Home Page
  7. Performance changes
  8. Integrated Interface for LogMiner
  9. Advanced Replication Interface
  10. Wait Activity Detail Enhancement
  11. Easy Oracle Text Management
  12. Clone Database
  13. Migrate Database to ASM: Oracle 11g OEM has a utility to allow fast migration of data files into ASM.
  14. OEM Workspace Manager