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Lesson 4 cman.ora file
ObjectiveDescribe the Structure and Function of the cman.ora File

Structure and Function of the cman.ora File

The CMAN utility is controlled by the cman.ora file. The cman.ora file contains all of the configuration directives that are used when CMAN is started.
The cman.ora file consists of three sections:
  1. CMAN (which defines the listening address for the Connection Manager)
  2. CMAN_PROFILE (which defines general configuration parameters)
  3. CMAN_RULES (which defines rules for filtering incoming connection requests)

The cman.ora file is very similar in function to the listener.ora file. Earlier in this course, you learned to configure the listener.ora to listen on separate addresses. The cman.ora file can also be configured to listen on separate addresses.
The example below illustrates how the Connection Manager configuration file would look if you configured it to listen on two addresses, SPX and TCP/IP. Note that a Connection Manager can listen on any protocol that Oracle supports.


The next lesson shows you how to use CMAN’s connection concentration feature.