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Lesson 5Connection concentration with CMAN
ObjectiveUse CMAN’s connection concentration Feature

Connection concentration with CMAN

(MTS) Multi-Threaded Server has been deprecated beginning with Oracle 9i. The Multi-Threaded Server (MTS) is a legacy server that existed for Oracle 8i has been replaced with Oracle Shared Server beginning with Oracle 9i.
To use CMAN’s connection concentration feature you must perform two tasks:
  1. Verify that the destination server is configured as a Multi-Threaded Server and verify that the multiplexing feature is turned on. You can turn it on by setting the mts_dispathers parameter in each database’s init.ora file. The entry would be:
  2. Route all client connection requests you want concentrated to the database server through the Connection Manager. This step is accomplished by using the Net8 Assistant on the client. From Net8 Assistant choose Profile from the Network menu, then choose the General tab.

Try the simulation below for some hands-on practice.
Routing Client-Connection Requests

Connection Concentration

Oracle Connection Manager enables you to multiplex or funnel multiple client network sessions through a single transport protocol connection to a multi-threaded server destination. Legacy: The Multi-Threaded Server (MTS) is a legacy server which existed for Oracle 8i. The Multi-Threaded Server has been replaced by the Oracle Shared Server beginning with Oracle 9i.
Concentration reduces the demand on resources needed to maintain multiple connections between two processes by enabling the server to use fewer connection end points for incoming requests. This enables you to increase the total number of network sessions that a server can handle. By using multiple Connection Managers, it is possible for thousands of concurrent users to connect to a server.

In the next lesson you will learn how to configure the Connection Manager to control access to your database server.