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Lesson 10

Configuration Manager Conclusion

This module examined the features of the Configuration Manager and outlined its uses and options. To review:
  1. CMAN is an alternative to a Oracle Net listener with several additional enhancements.
  2. Just like a Oracle Net listener, CMAN supports connection pooling (connection concentration) and multiple protocol support.
  3. CMAN introduces a new feature called Network Access Control that enables CMAN to filter incoming requests based upon the source server, and accept or reject connections based upon the origin of the request.
  4. CMAN is controlled with the CMCTL utility command.
  5. CMAN parameters are stored in the cman.ora initialization file.
  6. CMAN consists of two processes: the CMAN gateway (CMGW) and the CMAN administrator (CMADM).
The next module discusses how you can use Oracle Net8 logging and tracing to troubleshoot Net8 connectivity problems.

Configuring Connection Manager - Quiz

Before moving on to the next module, click the Quiz link below to check your knowledge of the Connection Manager.
Configuring Connection Manager - Quiz