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More about OraTcl

Remote event scripts require the ability to access the remote server for handling files and devices, launching programs, executing operating system functions, and accessing Oracle databases.
OraTcl was developed to extend Tcl for Oracle usage and SNMP integration between the remote Intelligent Agent and the OEM EM console.
The categories of OraTcl functions are:
  1. SQL and PL/SQL functions
  2. RDBMS administration functions
  3. SNMP accessing
  4. Communication with the Intelligent Agent and other Oracle software
  5. Character-set conversion and error-handling verbs

A simple logon routine

  package require Oratcl

  set lda [oralogon user/pass@dbname -async]
  set sth [oraopen $lda]

  if {[oramsg $sth rc] == 0} {
      puts "Successfully connected"
  } else {
      puts "Unable to connect to the database."
  oralogoff $lda